How’d my first day go?

My biggest fear today about switching my diet to vegan was about not eating enough food and not getting the nutrients I needed, but let me tell you, today I was FULL. I had more than enough food today and I was full, so I feel like I can do this even more now. For [...]

The V word.

Yes the V word, the V word that most people are scared of. Yup you guessed it, Vegan. I recently watched an amazing documentary about athletes going vegan called “The Game Changers” and honestly it’s probably the best vegan documentary I’ve watched so far, I’ve seen a few, like forks over knifes, what the health [...]


My New Year’s celebration started off crazy, my friend alex and I were going to go celebrate New Years in the city with my friend Laura who lives in the city, but when alex arrived to the city she realized that she forgot her ID and had to go home. It was upsetting at first [...]

DMs part 2

So I slid in the girl’s DMs and she responded then I responded of course and then she left me on seen, it’s all good though, I’m just really proud of myself because I had the courage to do that. I’ve been taking rejection like a champ lately just taking them as lessons, I’m no [...]

Sliding into DM’s

Sliding into DMs is a lot harder than I thought. To everyone who doesn’t know what sliding into Dms is, well it’s when you direct message the person on social media (usually in a flirtatious/romantic way). So there’s this girl who I found attractive and I just decided to follow them, not knowing my outcome [...]


So I’ve been struggling writing a poem in my drafts for the longest, like I have these feelings and I can’t really put them into words for some reason, like I’ve had a crush on the same person since August and usually my feelings for them fades away and I try not to like them, [...]