Rainy Tuesday

I’m on the train right now going to scaffolding class in Long Island city, which I’m not really excited to go because I’m assuming this is going to be boring like my OSHA 30 class that I’ve been taking. Steven why are you taking these classes? Good question, well they’re necessary for me to work [...]

News to share.

I completely forgot about this but on Thursday my friend’s coworker asked me to be the photographer for a photoshoot for his brand, I’m super excited because I solely take photos for fun it’s just a hobby for me, but my friend showed him my photography Instagram account and he liked my work. I’m extremely [...]

Weirdness/Valentine’s Day

So last week there was 2 to 3 days where my little sister told me that she has heard me saying my ex’s name in my sleep. Which to be honest I find extremely weird since I don’t think about her like that, anyways I decided to google it because google has all my answers [...]

1 month being Vegan!!!

Today marks my one month of being vegan and let me tell you! I feel absolutely the same haha, but I do feel better about myself, how I’m not killing animals and reducing my carbon footprint. Have I lost weight going vegan? as a matter of fact no! I gained a pound so I’m at [...]

What a week

I had the most stressful and mentally draining week, Monday I was basically in charge at my job since my manager went to Vegas for a week, I had this under control, like I was confident about how to do everything that my manager does, then all hell breaks loose, my managers boss calls me [...]

Two weeks being Vegan

So how do I feel? Physically I feel amazing but mentally and emotionally I feel super sensitive to things lately and I can’t figure out the reason why, I want to say it’s the change in my diet but it’s been rough. Other than that I feel good, I feel extremely good since I’m eating [...]