Lost Might Not Be A Bad Thing

Being lost might sound scary, I mean imagine being alone not knowing what direction you are going, sometimes I enjoy being lost, this is how I experience new adventures, so recently I did something that I didn’t think I would ever do, I met up with someone from a dating app. The experience itself was different and the night went in a totally different direction than what I planned, which wasn’t a bad thing, but it was new. The girl I met was kind and sweet, she was such a nice girl, something happened though. It had nothing to do with the girl, it was me. I thought of my ex. For me this ruined the rest of my night, I think. At the end of the night I dropped her off and I couldn’t comprehend the emotions I was feeling then, but after a few days of reflecting on my thoughts, I think I know what I want. So, after the date I didn’t want to see the girl again only because I was holding on to my past and I don’t like letting things go, but it’s something I must learn how to do. After speaking to one of my friends about the date, he gave me a great piece of advice and I wish I told him after how much his words meant to me, but he told me, “Steven why don’t you put your happiness first, you’re holding on to hopes of something that may never happen”. He was right though, here I am dwelling on my past and not enjoying the present. There was nothing wrong with this girl, but I was telling myself there was because of what ifs. Now after thinking, I would love to go on another date with this girl because the night was fun it was different and unusual. I think it’s what I need. A piece of advice I would love to give people right now is, try something new even though your past may make it hard or seem like it’s not okay to. Go ahead! Experience life! Enjoy new things! it’s okay, I promise and if they aren’t then maybe you’re not ready and that’s okay too just don’t be afraid to try new things.

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