I Love Myself Way Too Much

I love myself, and I love this about myself. I’m more selfish and I do whatever makes me happy. I recently stopped talking to someone who could have been a love interest, but I just wasn’t happy. One reason I wasn’t happy was because she called me a womanizer, which really hurt my feelings, even if she meant it as a joke, but I knew she wasn’t joking (you can’t call people that just because they don’t want what you want). Another reason and the main reason was that she was too clingy, it was just overwhelming, and I thought that my brain was going to explode. This was just something I didn’t need in my life. She wanted a relationship asap and I was in no rush. I enjoy being single, I don’t flirt with girls so that’s not the reason why I enjoy being single. I enjoy being single because I don’t have to go out of my way to make someone else happy. I don’t have to put someone else’s feelings first. I used to be in a relationship for almost 4 years and it was beautiful! a lot of ups and downs which in the end was worth the heartache, my point is it’s a lot of work. It’s mentally and physically draining. You have a lot less time for yourself. You lose yourself in a relationship and I’m just rediscovering myself and who I am. So, I’m happy with myself right now, I’ll continue to run because I think that’s when I’m the happiest. So, my advice to everyone is just always remove toxic energy in your life that makes you stress. Don’t rush yourself into a relationship, it’s okay for you to be alone, I pinky promise.

4 thoughts on “I Love Myself Way Too Much

  1. Hey Mate,
    I totally understand, although there are some things I dont agree on. I had this girl, super sweet called me a player…of course I knew it was a joke, yet it still hurt. And quite honestly I was “triggered”
    I basically cut her off from my life, later I found out from a friend she was very hurt as well, that I ghosted her… and later when she was seeing someone else, I regretted ghosting her, because even though she did hurt my feelings, she was the sweetest. I do regret what I did. I hope whatever you’re doing you wont regret it later as i did.


    1. I appreciate your words and advice. Thank you for your wisdom! I’m sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted to be. Maybe things will get better for you in the future, best of luck!


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