How To Be A Runner

I started running about a year ago. I had no experience as a runner, never played sports in high school, so I didn’t know what I was doing. The way I got into running was pretty weird too. One day I was playing basketball by myself (I was unemployed at the time) and I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to go on a run. So I ran and it’s been something I enjoy doing. I started to run everyday and my feet were killing me! I finally got a job and I started to run a lot less because it was just something new I couldn’t balance the two at the time. Running and I have this battle where I’ll stop running for a few months then I’ll come back to it, but it’s something I don’t want to give up on, running makes me happy, it gets me out of the house a lot and I enjoy that the most. I don’t do much, I work and run, sometimes I’ll play video games but other than that I don’t do anything and I don’t mind that, I enjoy me time. Enough about me so how do you become a runner you ask? Well simply you just go out there and run. The thing I love about running is that you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment, you just need a body and some running sneakers. I know everyone hates running, it’s something people avoid doing, but once you go out there and experience your “runner’s high” you won’t look back. The first step is really just to push yourself to run just like the gym you have to make this into a routine. Second step research! everyone is different. The running shoe you like might not be the right running shoe for me, so when you go to a running store, remember this it’s preference over prescription, just because the employee (the employee is not a doctor) recommends a shoe (the shoe isn’t a magic drug) that still might not be the right shoe for you, Always try on the shoe before you buy it! Like for me Nike’s go to running shoe at factory stores is always the Pegasus 33’s/34’s which is definitely not the shoe for me, I always get shin splints or just a weird pain in my legs whenever I wear them, but I do want to try the Pegasus 35’s out because it’s basically a whole new shoe, My favorite shoe to run in were the Nike Lunarepic’s but they shrunk in the wash and I was unable to find another pair in my size. I’m currently running in Nike Odyssey Reacts which are eh and I know if I buy a pair of Nike Epic Reacts that’s going to be the shoe I love because I know myself as a runner I love extra cushion since I only run on roads my legs are less sore with extra cushioning. Sorry I can talk about shoes for hours. Step 3 though download a running app, I use the Nike Run Club but any running app will do, One thing I will say about the Nike Run Club app that I love though is that you can make a personalized plan and this tells you when to run and how long for, this helped me a lot because the days where I’m feeling lazy, I ran anyways because my plan told me I had to. Step 4 make a rocking playlist, I love music this helps me run longer especially when I’m tired and ready to give up, I’ll say to myself “okay after then next song you can stop running” a song is about 3 to 4 minutes long depending on the song of course but that’s an extra 3 minutes you kept on running even after you wanted to give up! Lastly this step is the most important because I think this is the reason why people quit most things, don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone runs at their own pace, the only person you should be competing against is yourself. Celebrate your small victories like today I beat my fastest mile time by 25 seconds!(7minutes 4seconds incase you’re wondering) So enjoy your journey and go out and run!


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