I miss going on cute dates, but I also love being single. When I was in a relationship, I wasn’t the greatest at planning dates, my ex on the other hand was great at planning things, sometimes I thought she over planned while I just went with the flow, so I didn’t really plan things but now that I don’t have that I kind of miss it. I want to go on a cute date that I plan out, I want it to be romantic because lowkey I’m a sucker for love, but I do enjoy being single and my own because well I get to do whatever I want without worrying about consequences, so it’s like a double edge sword one hand I get what I want but then I’m locked down, maybe I’m just over thinking it and assuming relationships are the worst thing in the world. Ideas that I did come up with are going to the aquarium, we’d take pictures obviously then I’d tell some fun facts about penguins because I love penguins. Another idea would be a nice hike and picnic where I try to cook something you love to eat and of course take pictures. I always wanted to go to Brooklyn and to a botanical garden, good thing they have a botanical garden in Brooklyn, but I would love to go there. New York City always has adventures for me to go on so there’s always that. I love anywhere that I can take pictures because I like to photograph what I’m doing, I literally take selfies whenever I’m having a good time lol. I have a few more date ideas and I want to have more ideas that are more creative because like I said I’m a sucker for love. This is a skill I do want to improve on, I tend to get lazy then the romance fades away. This is something I think I can improve on if I have the right attitude, I must realize this isn’t a chore but a blessing, not everyone gets to experience the little things in life.

3 thoughts on “Withdrawals

  1. Planning a date shouldn’t feel like work because no one likes work so if you make it seem hard then you won’t do it. I don’t think anyone would expect you to plan a perfect date. If you are with someone special then just ask them what they like to do and if you you like it too then there you go..it doesn’t need to be a chore or some hard task. Personally I would prefer to just sit in a room with someone who actually likes me vs them disliking me because they felt like they had to blow me away with things I never even asked for. You don’t want to resent that person because planning is hard for you. You are making it way harder than it has to be.

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    1. Yeah I totally agree with you, I tend to over think things. I’m not saying every date has to be like this but I think the next one I go on I want it to be special, because trust me one of my favorite things to do is simply just watching tv with someone. I really appreciate your insight though! Thank You!

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