I am.

Wishing our timing was right.
wishing you stayed the night 
I have a fear 
and it leaves me in tears 
because the thought of you gone is still surreal 
since you left how does it feel?
I know you had to leave
but a life without you just doesn't make sense to me
I know you sit on the fence about me 
Smoking indicia and sativa and I still need ya 
I still remember the day you became distant 
your body I missed it 
I admit it I think you know it too
I think about you twenty-four hours a day
what else do I have to say
wish you'd actually call
I hope you don't watch me fall
your smile I haven't seen in a while
hoping fairytales and love stories are real
I hope I'm not crazy for the way I feel
hoping you're not the one who got away
I hope one day you understand
I know I'm a terrible man
this was never the plan
I was suppose to be faithful
and I'm grateful
but it's too late
is it my fate?
I did you wrong it's my disgrace
I'm sorry when you have to see my face
I guess you can tell I know my place
Now I'm afraid of love
messing around
trying to find me but I'm no where to be found
and it's the little things I miss about you like how you zipper up coat
you were the goat 
I'll forever apologize
I'm sorry I can't say it to your eyes. 

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