Your cry for help.

I swear all you do is try to hurt me
Don’t you think you did enough when you desert me
You hate me because I’m Mr. Perfect
Trying to make up reasons why I’m not worth it
I think you hate on my charisma
You try to make me feel like a single cell organism
Because lines and rhymes will never truly express how I feel
I’m telling you how with time you’ll heal
I think we finally got that goodbye I always thought I needed
Thank you.
Because of you now I’m at ease
Living life how I please
You claimed that you have changed, I think it’s out of rage
Holding on to words I said that destroyed you
So I’m giving you that apology I most definitely owed you
Telling me that I should move on
Like I’m in the wrong for my emotions
You came out of the blue like a shark in the ocean but
You came to me
Because you set the rules that you expect me to follow, you think I’m a puppet on strings
Wanting me to obey your rules and to not to feel a thing but
You came to me
I’ve kept my distance but 
You came to me.
What’s wrong old friend
I know this is probably end but
I just gotta know are you okay?

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