Social Detox

After my mental breakdown, I decided to deactivate all my social media except snapchat because I don’t know my password to that. I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately just researching what I can do to get out of my funk. Things I’ve done so far, I made a meal last night that made feel slightly better. I also played guitar with my friend, which is always satisfying for me, right before bed I read a bit of my book, I did forget to pray last night but it’s something I want to get in the habit of. It’s weird not having social media because I keep checking phone, but it’s just something I have to go through it’s not permanent just I needed a break, I felt like the world was just moving so fast and I wasn’t moving fast enough. This wasn’t a problem for me until about 2 weeks ago after my ex texted me but sine then I would just keep checking my ex’s social media over and over and over again, and just seeing her face, I don’t know, I still think she’s absolutely beautiful she’s always going to be my favorite face that I love to look at but I also don’t want to think about her 24/7. The other day I should have never called her because I love talking to her and for me it’s like a drug. I just have a little bit and I’m hooked and I NEED more but unless she feels the same about me then I’m not suppose to have her. She may never feel the way I feel about her and that’s okay that just means I have to stay away. I hope that in a week from my detox I can just feel better and live my life back to normal like before she messaged me. To everyone who does read this, I’m sorry if I’m not as happy or just in a cheery mood like I normally am, I just need time to get better. Mental health is important as physical health so remember to take care of yourself and take that break if you need it.

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