Four Days no Social Media

So, since I deactivated my social media accounts on Sunday, I’ve been feeling so much better. I have a new routine now. I wake up go to the bathroom take out my retainer, brush my teeth and my retainer, then I wash my face because that’s my new year’s resolution to have healthier skin. After taking care of my personal hygiene, I eat breakfast which is typically cereal, a clementine and peppermint tea of course! After that I go to work either, I’m writing or actually going to my job. When I get home I try to cook a meal for me and my older brother then I relax by playing video games or watching television for a bit, then when I’m ready to go to bed, I go wash my face and brush my teeth then put my retainer back in. After that I read my book for a few minutes until I notice I’m about to fall asleep then I pray. I pray to God to help me become the stronger man I want to be and to protect the people I hold closest to my heart.

How have I been feeling, you ask? Well I feel a lot better and I find that not being on social media is kind of fun to be honest. I don’t feel entitled to pretend to be happy, I feel happier and I feel more focused. You’re probably asking what do you do on your phone then? Well I was on Pinterest a lot just looking at things I want, like my dream is to own a writer’s desk with a succulent on it. My current living situation just doesn’t allow me to have that right now and that’s okay because I know I’ll get it. Another thing I do on my phone is go on reddit, I just downloaded the app yesterday and let me tell you it makes having no social media A LOT EASIER! There’s so many meme’s and post about anything you’re looking for and it just keeps me entertained.

Do I recommend disabling your social media? Yeah, I do. You feel free and I think everyone should try it a least once in your lifetime. It allows you to get a hold of reality and just think random thoughts. For example, something I tend to think about is, I think I want to practice abstinence if I really love the next person I’m with, it sounds weird but I don’t know. I started thinking about my past, but I really made my ex-girlfriend feel like she was just a body and not my partner and I would never want to make someone feel like that again. I want the person I’m with to feel special, sex is nice, but I know what I want in a person. I want someone athletic because I’m always doing something whether it’s running or going to the gym, I need someone somewhat athletic. I want this person to love being outdoors preferably hiking but the beach is cool too I always did want to learn how to surf, another thing I want this person to be is compassionate, I love someone with a kind heart. Someone funny will win me over easily, another thing but not necessary, I’m not really into girls that wear makeup or a lot of it, it’s just not my cup of tea. I need someone to be weird like me. Someone cute and creative, someone brave who enjoys taking risks. Then for appearance, they must have beautiful eyes so I can just stare at them all day, also they need to have a nice head/forehead to give them tiny kisses because I always show my affection and most importantly someone who smiles a lot, I love smiles. Someone who I smell, and it smells like home and someone when I hug, I feel like I’m in the right place. Someone I love spending all my time with. I don’t know, like I know it’s a lot but yeah, I just know what I want.

So, I think I’m going back on social media on Sunday so it will fully be a week but I think I will totally be on it a lot less in my opinion. Social media is just something we don’t need but it’s nice to have to be connected with friends. I think if I ever find myself just struggling again, the first thing I’ll do is turn off social media.

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