My Valentine’s Letter to you

Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you smile 
Hope you’re okay and that your faith in love doesn’t go away
Men’s wrongdoing shouldn’t stop you from doing you
You had a big heart and I knew that from the start
A broken heart and that may be my fault just don’t keep it locked like a vault
I’m sorry because I’m constantly throwing rocks at your window, I just want you to hear me sing though
Just want you to notice me, in the end I always wanted to end up with you
So, I pour out my emotions hoping that me being vulnerable is enough
But I’m a fool because the only time I manned up and called was when my blood turned into alcohol
You always witness my fall, I’m sorry for that because it’s been a while and you’re still in my heart everyday
I should probably let you go. I just don’t know how, I wasn’t taught how to give up.
Now I know this year you aren’t my Valentine but I’m hoping maybe one year you will be again.

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