Valentine’s Day

I know It’s pretty late and there’s probably a lot of grammar errors but oh well, I should have written this sooner, but I was working, and I thought about it while I was working. Show your significant other you love them this Valentine’s day. One of the last mistakes I made before my ex fell out of love with me was that I didn’t do anything crazy or cared that it was valentine’s day. I just don’t like holidays and I don’t like how commercialized love is on this day because you should love your significant other everyday not just one day of the year. I didn’t put any effort and she didn’t feel the same way I did about the holiday obviously, but I’m an idiot of course, the point of me sharing this story is that, talk to your partner! Ask them what they want on valentine’s day so they aren’t not disappointed and just because they told you what they wanted doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, be romantic about it, have fun with it, that’s the person you want to spend a lifetime with, so make them feel loved, don’t assume they don’t want anything because YOU don’t want anything. We get mad when our expectations aren’t met and we want our partners to be able to read our minds when it comes to things like this, we want things but how are they supposed to know if you don’t ask for them? That’s just not how things work. Remember to always communicate with one another and always tell each other that you love one another. I know I won’t ever make that mistake again. So, if you didn’t do anything fancy today for whatever your reason is, make it up to them tomorrow. Show them you love them. Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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