Is it Okay to be Jealous?

Your short answer is no. Let me start off by saying when I was younger, I thought being a little jealous in a relationship is okay but after reading books about bettering yourself and dealing with anger, I realized that it’s not okay to be jealous in a relationship. Jealousy signifies that you’re insecure, yeah jealousy may show a sign that you care about your partner but it’s mostly showing how insecure you truly are. Insecurities lead to many things like trust issues and just many other things that you shouldn’t really need to worry about if you have a faithful partner. You know what sucks the most though? We tend to respond to jealousy with anger when it’s not your partner’s fault, so they deal with that negativity and now you made them feel bad. Now I know it’s impossible to erase our insecurities but don’t ruin your relationship because of them. Try to find the root of why you feel insecure. I’ll use myself for example. My father left when I was about 5 years old, so I tend to think that people never want to stay in my life. I fear that they’ll leave me like my dad did or that they don’t want me. Now that has nothing to do with my partner but them leaving brings back my insecurity that people just leave. So next time you see your partner talking to another person. Ask yourself what’s making you feel jealous; can you prevent being jealous or your response to jealousy? I hope this can help couples save a few fights in the future. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this but let me know what you guys think about jealousy!



  1. It is very hard when it comes to jealousy/insecurities. For example, being jealous just because your significant other is just talking to someone of the opposite sex could be insecurities. However, if your significant other is deliberately flirting with someone of the opposite sex, I feel you have the right to some feelings of jealously. It’s hard wired in us. It just depends what causes that emotion to further investigate. I get where you are coming from though in regards to the feeling of abandonment. Love and light 🙏🏼

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    1. I totally agree with you. We are all wired with buttons and when they pushed we feel jealous or angry but I think that if your partner is fully aware of their flirting, personally I’d be a bit concerned though 1) I’d probably question why are they doing this, are they looking for attention that I’m not giving and 2) Do I want to be with this person who seeks constant validation from others than from me. The brain works in such mysterious ways lol but thank you for the comment I appreciate it, it really made me think lol

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      1. I know so many men and women who get so much attention in their relationships, but they always want more for external sources. It’s more like a validation or an ego boost. I feel like those people need to take a hard look at themselves and question their insecurities for the need of constant reassurance that they can get the attention of anyone they want. It’s a double edged sword really. Usually those people who cannot control their impulses to flirt, should really look hard into themselves if they should be in monogamous relationships. You seem like a good person with a head on their shoulders who is trying to understand the human race.. personally, it’s too complex to ever understand. People have their own hidden agenda and you just need to be true to yourself 🙂 eventually, you will attract the positive connection you need!

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        1. Yeah impulses can land you in some trouble, I think my thought process is trying to figure out how to stop those impulses from occurring because we’re all human and it does happen and in the end of the day I want to be the best version of me I possibly can but yeah the human race is very complex but I absolutely love picking at people’s brains lol. I like the “Stay true to yourself and eventually you will attract the positive connection you need” I really appreciate your kind words and your intellectual comments it gets me thinking. You seem very aware of situations, wise, and I love hearing your input.

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