Sorry I Haven’t Posted Much!!

I know I haven’t posting much lately but my job thought it was a cool idea to make me work 7 days straight before I go on vacation to Munich. Anyways here’s a short post and something I wanted to write about before I go to work. So, story time. I’ll start off by saying I’m a very sensitive kid especially for little things, so the first time I went on vacation without my mom was an anxious and nerve wrecking experience for me. I may seem like I’m cool and collected on the outside and I show no emotion, but I freak out on the inside. My ex and I were going on our first trip together to Florida and honestly, I don’t know why I was, so I don’t know the right word for this moment but emotional maybe, the day before the trip, I told my ex like how I was upset my mom wasn’t going with me like she always goes on the plane with me. I don’t remember what my ex said to me, but she calmed me down and Florida ended up being one of my favorite vacations ever till this day. After that trip and my breakup, I promised myself that I would put myself out of my comfort zone more. I’ve travelled to a lot of places because of my ex and I appreciate that, I appreciate her for helping me get over that small fear I had. I’m so excited for tomorrow because going to Germany, it was always a dream of mine because my favorite soccer team plays there and I’m lucky enough to go to their stadium and walk around on the pitch. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, thanks for reading.

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