This is going to be a quick blog post because I have to go on a run soon. I feel like I’m stuck in life right now like I’m not enjoying it. I just started working at this new place and there’s so many positives to it, like I’m a lot less stressed from work now. I make more money and my schedule is awesome. Just I don’t know, I feel bored more often. My routine lately has been work, run, smoke weed, shower, eat, sleep and repeat. So lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should start dating (get out of my comfort zone and just get to know more people), but I also don’t want to date because I’m saving my money to move out and next year live with my friends (living on long Island ain’t cheap). So I’m just blah. I also want to go back to school even if it’s community college on the weekends, I originally was majoring in psychology but I think I would like to switch my major to English because I do enjoy writing and I would like to become a better writer. I guess the point in my life right now that I’m experiencing is, what I want and who I want to become. I use to want this materialistic life where all these achievements in my life would make me happy and the amount of money I made was a measurement of my happiness, but I just want to enjoy life and live in the moment. I use to buy a lot of expensive name brand stuff and that doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I dress down a lot more and that makes me happy, so that’s good but what I do know is that, I want to be nice, caring, a person who helps/respect others even if others step on me or treat me like crap because in the end of the day I can’t control other people’s actions I can only control my own actions and I don’t want to stoop to anyone else’s level. Well if anyone has advice on what I should do to be less bored let me know.

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