Sometimes I forget to breathe

Because somedays I forget breathe.

Oxygen is the people around me.

When I feel like no one cares,

I feel like two hands are around my neck.

I’m suffocating and I forget my purpose.

If you picture an air bubble popping what do you think of?

For me it’s my friends the people who support me

When that bubble pops it’s them telling me to live.

I’ve been suffocating for too long and I hate. I hate. I hate how everyone assumes it’s because of you. There’s days where I don’t even think about you there’s days that I don’t care because I left you in my past and I’m only worried about my future but the way I picture it, I see nothing. Then I being to worry and get anxious thinking of things that may never happen but I always expect the worst because I’m just used to it. again fuck I’m not breathing and I have to catch my breath. I’m just a man gasping for air. Hoping people will care.

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