Flaws of Tinder

I guess I really never thought about it before but tinder is not where I’m going to find a girlfriend. First flaw I noticed about tinder is the type of people I see, these women aren’t looking to settle down but to have some “fun” which isn’t bad but it’s not what I’m looking for. Flaw number 2 the abundance of 18 year old(s) on the app, these women are young and most of are still trying to comprehend their emotions. 3rd flaw and I guess this is my fault but every time I meet someone from tinder, like go on a date they want to have sex on the first date (I know, I know, why are you complaining Steven) and I always have to decline because one, I just don’t feel comfortable doing that yet or two, I didn’t bring a condom because its the first date. I genuinely want to meet people but when I talk about small things like trying to get know the person I feel like I get shut out like they talk about something else or ignore the question. Anyways maybe I’ll switch to bumble but bumble scares me as well since I had a traumatic experience from bumble. Well keep on rocking everyone!

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