Vegan Ice Cream

So I used to buy a lot of vegan cherry Garcia ice cream but I realized I haven’t eaten ice cream in a long time. I eat vegan ice cream not because I’m a vegan but dairy causes skin to break out, anyways yeah I know I should go vegan but lately I’ve been eating so unhealthy it’s disgusting and I gain a few pounds (12 pounds) ever since I started working at my new job which isn’t that bad I needed the weight in my opinion but now I’m “skinny fat” which people don’t see unless my shirt comes off. Whoever said weed doesn’t make you gain weight is a complete liar, because marijuana I was eating like 6 legit meals a day and at 1 am which isn’t the brightest of ideas but luckily for me I’ve never had an addictive personality so I have been able to quit cold turkey with anything, like alcohol, cigarettes (never was a fan) juul and now marijuana. Anyways I want to go back to my healthier lifestyle and start heading back to the gym if can convert my 162 pound body into muscle I could probably gain even more weight but look even better I could probably be like 170 which I wouldn’t mind if it’s all muscle. Anyways I’m going to buy vegan ice cream today!!!! Have a great day everyone and have a yummy treat! You deserve it!

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