My Best Friend.

Friends come in many shapes and sizes luckily for me, mine is my dog. His name is El Boy. My dog is very unique he’s a husky/pitbull mix and he’s gorgeous. He’s playful, loving, caring and just a sweetheart. He’s the most loyal person I know, yesterday my stepdad told me about my dog’s visit to the vet and that he has a tumor and I got so upset. I don’t talk much about my dog but he’s actually always been there for me. There’s this one moment I specifically remember about him and it’s when my older brother got sent to a mental hospital, when I was in high school and I was alone that night just crying in my bed, my dog literally jumped onto my bed and started licking my tears. I was upset so we started wrestling because I wanted him to stop but he just continued to lick my tears trying to make me feel better. I keep this memory close to my heart because it was the first rough time he’s been there for me and I know he loves me so much, everyday he’s bolts down the stairs to welcome me home, he brings joy to my life, he makes me smile. I hope this tumor isn’t anything bad because I’m not ready to let him go. I’ve had people leave my life and it sucks but when he goes I don’t know what I’ll do to be honest. I love him so much just I don’t know I’m so overwhelmed I don’t like not having control over my life. I know what everyone thinks and says oh you can get another dog but the bond is different, I think my bond with my dog is special and it’s grown so much over the past couple of months. I wish he could live forever.

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