Almost a year.

So my blog will be turning one years old very soon and I’ll be turning 23 very soon as well, so I decided that I will write a blog post everyday for 23 days straight starting on Yom Kippur (October 9th) until the 31st, because November 1st is actually when I began writing my blog. 23 reasons about how I’m at this very point of my life right now. This may bring back old memories or old people in my life so if I offend anyone in my writing trust me this is not my objective or intention and I will not talk ill about anyone, I’m going to try to only talk about me and my point of view. So fair warning now. I want to talk about why I’m in a better place than I was before because I want to help others who are like me or just going through similar situations. I want you to know it gets better. I want you to love yourself and I want you to be happy. Your past will never define who you really are, they’re just lessons to be learnt. Embrace the pain, enjoy the journey. Get ready for something I’ve never done before. I love you guys and peace out

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