1 out of 23

So today is October 9th and it’s Yom Kippur how exciting right? Well today starts off my 23 days straight of blog post. To being let’s write about how happy I am. I’m so excited for the weekend like you don’t understand. Friday I’m doing float therapy, I’ve never done it before so I’m itching to try it out. After float therapy I’m going to Cheesecake Factory to eat my favorite thing! A pork chop with mash potatoes! After my scrumptious pork chop, I’m going to the nutty Irishman where I invited all my friends! Jonny, Justin, Laura, Alex, Angel, Richie, Luis and more might come these are just the people who said they’re coming. I’m not going to stay out too late because I’m going to a music festival called rolling loud on Saturday and Sunday. So Weekend is going to be lit (fun). I’m so happy I get to spend my weekend with friends and just having so much. I’m happy that so many people care about. I’m happy that I’m healthy to see another year of life. I’m truly blessed in life and I appreciate that. I can’t wait for the weekend and cheers to writing the more I post the deeper the blogs are going to get but for now this is a good introduction. Have a great day everyone!

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