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How would people describe you?

When people name positive traits about my favorite one to hear is “adventurous” I think it’s because I hate being bored. Nothing I do is really planned it’s just like Nike’s slogan “just do it”. I also think this is a negative trait about me. I think it’s the reason why I’m not faithful to be honest. I never fall out of love but I do get bored unfortunately, it’s the reason why I can’t settled down now. I rather not hurt people. I hate it when life is just normal like that’s not for me. I feel like have no impulse control because I just live in the moment and this is a good and bad thing obviously. Today I’ll be talking about the good though. I love having fun that forever will be me and if people can’t appreciate that then get the fuck out my way, but I’m also no longer going to hurt people while having fun. I realized why people love me so much and it’s because of careless attitude and how I’m always down for a great time, like if people tell me come do something, I do it. I think another thing that helps is I’m not longer afraid to do things on my own I don’t mind being alone. A lot of the times I prefer it and yeah I look like weirdo and sometimes people question me like why are you doing this by yourself and my answer is because I don’t mind being alone I prefer it, I’ll miss out so much on life waiting for others who aren’t ready. I want people not to be afraid to go explore, do that thing they’ve always wanted to do but you had no one to do it with, you have yourself so who else do you need? Have fun people and keep exploring.

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