I am drunk

I still want to write tho

One of my best friends alex gave me the best birthday presents ever and I love her. I love small sentimental things and she’s just the sweetest. I love my friends especially Alex and Laura they just make me so happy and I’m glad I got to spend time with both of them. They mean the world to me and they always will. We’re the best trio out 🥰 they both got me great gift and I just love them. They make me feel like the luckiest man Alive and they are both just beautiful human beings. Alex made me a painting of a photo I took and I can’t wait to hang it up in my room and Laura got me something I always wanted to do and that was getting my nails done and I just appreciate both of them well this is the end of my drunk rant tomorrow is rolling loud and I can’t wait. Actually it’s today just a bit later lmao. Good night ever one

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