So I forgot to post yesterday, I was too busy recovering from my weekend. So sorry about that. Here is my post and I might post again later today or maybe twice a day on a future date to make up for my not posting on Sunday we’ll see.


Everyone grieves, some people grieve longer than others. I unfortunately grieved longer than others. What did I grieve about? Well anyone who actually kept up with my blog knows, I grieved about my ex and the reason why I’m writing about grieving is because I spent most of the year grieving. The age 22 hurt but it also came with a lot of lessons. When my ex stopped talking to me it felt like she died. I know that sounds a bit over dramatic but it did. I knew she was alive but she was never there for me anymore and I was hurt by it. Funny thing is I remember cooking recipes that me and her used to make just now by myself. That brought back memories of us in the kitchen and I think I did this because cooking in the kitchen with her was actually my favorite thing to do with her, there was days where she cooked for me and I’d wash the dishes, like we were team and it was just fun. The reason why I mentioned this, is just because it’s over you shouldn’t be sad about it. My ex taught me how to cook and that’s something I’ll forever grateful be for. So grief comes in different forms. Whatever happens though remember to grieve because if you try to hold it in, you’ll just hurt longer than you should. It’s like a bandaid the slower you pull it off the longer it will hurt. Letting go is never easy especially for someone you cared so much about. Eventually the pain goes away, I promise. It’s Monday keep on going everyone.

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