Convincing yourself you’re happy

So happiness, I hope everyone is happy or at least found something that makes them happy. For me it’s going hiking, exploring, spending time with friends but what makes me really happy is laying in bed and watching Netflix because sometimes I just need to recharge my social batteries, I hate hanging out everyday but I do love my friends. So convincing yourself you’re happy, I thought I was happy with my ex, and don’t get me wrong or misinterpret what about to say because there was moments where I was happy but of a lot of it was convincing myself to be happy. My ex has this strong beautiful personality and she’s always evolving in her life (in a good way) a good example of this is when she went vegan, I had to convince myself, I want to be vegan too and maybe it’s because I did love her at the time and I tried to be as supportive as I could be, but now that we’ve been separated for a few years, I just think like wow she was right I wouldn’t have been happy. I’m in a relationship with food right now like I just love all kinds of food. I love trying new foods and I don’t think I could ever stop eating pork or chicken, but during that time in our relationship I convinced myself I could. Don’t get me wrong though, vegan food is delicious and when I go to restaurants and if they have vegan options I do get it because I do like it, I just don’t think I could only eat vegan food my whole life. This is just a small example, by the way there’s obviously more drastic examples but I think this example is good enough for the point I’m trying to make. Don’t copy other because you love them, don’t do things to please others as well, people will love you for you, they’re out there you just have to look for them. There’s obviously nothing wrong with liking what your partner likes either but only if you’re genuinely happy. I hope everyone finds something or someone that makes them feel happy, joy is such a beautiful thing in life and we only have one life, so let’s never take that for granted.

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