So today I’d like to be talking about my skin! My New Years resolution was to take care of my skin better because my skin broke out too much and I just didn’t like how I looked. It’s been a long struggle and journey but I think I found what works best for me. So I use a toner/witch hazel in the morning, then I follow up with a hydration mist, after that I use a face moisturizer, then I use my eye cream because I’m trying to reduce the wrinkles underneath my eyes after I do that I take my vitamins for my skin and I feel like that helped me a lot. At night I just use toner/witch hazel, mist, eye cream and my vitamins, I don’t need my face feeling extra greasy when I sleep so no moisturizer. I feel like my skin has gotten a lot better and I’m happy with what I look like. Any tips for a clearer face let me know! And here are my before and after pictures! Have a kick ass day everyone!

Before like around March
About a month ago, so definitely a difference especially with the redness of my face

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