Yesterday I got a new tattoo. First let me say this tattoo hurt the most. It was extremely painful compared to my other tattoos. But I like how it came out, it’s a pretty piece and I love that I got. So let me show you guys then I’ll explain to everyone what it means to me. I’ll post a cleaner photo later after I clean it

I was bleeding a lot if you can’t tell lol

So I got a penguin. There’s mountains in the penguin. So like my first tattoo mountains represent obstacles and how we have to climb over them. The penguin represents me. They’re my favorite animal. I love penguins and if you know me, you know that, because I love how they give their loved one the smoothest rock they find and I just love that fact because penguins are romantics and I’m a hopeless romantic. The mountains are in the penguin to represent that I’m still me after all the obstacles in my life and I’m not going to change who I am because I love me!

So never forget to love yourself today!!! Stay dope everyone!

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