My type of women! So everyone has a type, my type just happens to be white girls. More specifically, blonde hair and blue eyes like I’m a sucker for that. I tend to get made fun of for that. I don’t think my mom likes it either but she’s over it, she knows I have a preference now, I do think she prefers me dating a Spanish girl but I’m not really into Spanish girl like that, they remind me of my mom too much, always yelling at me. I do think every girl from every race is gorgeous though. I don’t discriminate, if you’re beautiful I like you that’s just how it is. Sometimes beauty isn’t always about looks though, someone can have a beautiful personality and that’s when I’m like fuck, I have a crush (huge turn off is when girls are disrespectful to their own parents like yelling at them and stuff, that’s where I’ll be like yup I don’t like you anymore). I tend to like goofy girls they make laugh and I love to laugh. I like girls who aren’t afraid of eye contact because I love staring into eyes, it makes me feel safe. I tend to date people who are insecure and I hate that to be honest. I know everyone has insecurities but I’m with you for a reason you shouldn’t second guess it. I used to need crazy amounts of affection but I’m more like whatever now, you can just send me memes so I know you’re still into me. I just feel too old to be stressing a relationship, if someone’s into me I know they’ll put the effort in and come talk to me so I’m not worried. I don’t chase for people’s attention and I don’t double text. So that’s me. I’m running out of ideas to write about and I have 12 more posts to go. I’m still going to keep on writing though! Have a great Monday everyone!

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