Things I hate.
I hate corn on a cob because of its smell
I hate watermelon because I hate of its seeds and texture
I hate how taco bell got rid of their green sauce it wasn’t spicy or anything I just liked it’s weird taste
I hate my anxiety
I hate my depression
I hate how sometimes people don’t understand me
I hate being called cute because I don’t know what to say back and I feel obligated to say it back when I don’t mean it
I hate how I forget to breathe sometimes
I hate how sometimes I’m very unappreciated
I hate how I put so much effort in to get nothing in return
I hate how people don’t reciprocate their actions
I hate how I care so much
I hate how I have a hard time letting go
I hate how I never put myself first because I rather see other people happy
I hate how I always blame myself
I hate how I made this list to express my emotions

I wrote this a while ago, have a great day everyone.

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