Things I love.
I love clothes
I love fruit
I love playing soccer
I love traveling
I love being outdoors
I love my friends
I love taking pictures
I love colognes
I love getting haircuts
I love my face to be honest lol
I love music
I love the feeling I get after eating something healthy lol
I love lemonade (I try not to drink it too much)
I love Munich (I wish I could live there)
I love tattoos
I love love
I love small kisses on the cheek (they make me smile)
I love it when no one wants to hang out so I can catch up on watching television
I love almond milk (vanilla preferably)
I love tea
I love the smell of the woods
I love small gestures
I love my little sister (I treat her like my daughter, even though I don’t have kids)
I love how I inspire others
I love how people look up to me
I love how adventurous I am
I love the sound of the ocean
I love feeling loved
I love God
I love my Dog!!!!
I love vanilla ice lattes with almond milk from Starbucks
I love how I always manage to figure stuff out when it feels like there’s no other option I find a option.
I love that I don’t throw my loved ones away
I love that when the going gets tough, I get going, I don’t give up easily
I love that I have a big heart
I love that I’m a good person
I love that after all I’ve been through I’m still the same person, I haven’t really changed, probably just a bit wiser
I love my unique hair (I’ve had salt and pepper hair since the age of 10)
Most importantly I love myself

Have an amazing day everyone! We’re so close to the weekend!

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