I feel like I’ve been extremely busy lately, I don’t like it. I enjoy having nothing to do after work. I love hanging out with people but I always need to recharge my social battery after a bit and I’m hoping after Saturday I can just relax for a bit. This year for no shave November I would like to participate but I also don’t want to get a haircut for the whole month, so I’m going to be looking a little rough unfortunately, I haven’t gone a month with no haircut in so long. I like to get a haircut every two weeks because haircuts just make me feel good, I feel like I look good and it gives me the confidence to feel good. I’m hoping no one asks me to hang out for the month of November because I will not be available due to the lack of hairs not cut lol. Why am I doing no shave November? Well Men’s mental health is something people normally don’t talk about or acknowledge, men are taught to be strong and tough, so we typically don’t share our emotions, we tend to bottle them in which isn’t healthy. This can cause a lot of suicides, it’s important to talk to someone, it’s important to cry whenever you need to. It’s okay, you’re loved ones are always going to love you for you. You’re important so don’t be afraid to ask for help or to put yourself first, this goes for everyone not just men. Well it’s Friday and Kanye West still hasn’t dropped his album, that’s okay though, we just have to push through the day and be happy the weekend is coming! Have a great day everyone!

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