No Shave November!

So my no shave November is going well, my beard looks disgusting but that’s okay. I also decided not to get a haircut for the month of November as well and to be honest I was feeling ugly until yesterday, for the past year and a half now, I have been getting a haircut every two weeks, so when I don’t have a clean cut hair with a clean beard I do start to feel insecure but yesterday I looked at my hair and thought wow my hair is getting long, I want to say it’s about 4 to 6 inches on the top and the sides are still pretty short since I always get a skin fade which is okay because the top takes longer to grow compared to the sides. So I’ve been looking at how long does it take for hair to grow and it’s about half an inch each month so after this research, I decided that I want to grow my hair out. I’ve said this a few times before in my life but now I feel like it’s the perfect time since I don’t really care about my appearance like that (plus winter is coming and I can wear beanies all the time now, also my job lets me wear whatever I want). I’m definitely in my awkward phase for my hair and beard but that’s okay because I’m finally going to do something I’ve always wanted to try. Why’d I get inspired to grow my hair? Honestly maybe it’s because I saw this one actor with long hair (Tommy Martinez (I was watching good trouble)) and I know my hair won’t look like that but I feel like long hair would fit with my personality more, I’m artistic and just a go with the flow guy, kind of like Tommy Martinez’s character Gael on good trouble and I feel like this change is a good change. For example just me not caring what anyone else thinks, I always care about what other’s think of me and I really shouldn’t because as long as I love myself why do I care what anyone thinks of me. On that note, if anyone has tips for growing out your hair please let me know! Secondly let’s go out there and conquer the world! Figuratively of course not actually, but have a great day everyone!

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