Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to the person who annoys me the most. Happy Birthday to the person who fights with me every single day. Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister. Not only have you become one of my best friends but you’ve basically became my daughter (the main and only reason why I don’t want kids sometimes because she is a handful), you are the person I try to spoil whenever I can. The person I call beautiful every day so you don’t need to hear it from cheesy little boys trying to get with you. I also say it because I don’t want you to forget your worth, one day someone will love you with their whole heart but there will also be fuck boys who’ll want you because you’re so beautiful but they don’t care about the person you are and that’s important to know the difference. I remember how I got to pick your name, I remember choosing it because my mom wanted to name you Stephanie and my name was Steven so I was like hell no, so I chose kelly because there was a girl in my 3rd grade class named kelly and I thought she was cute. I remember how you were just a little baby and I was kid (8 years old) myself back then taking care of you when mom went out to run errands. I remember gently smacking your butt and you’d fall asleep. I remember changing your diaper at 8 years old. I remember the first time changing your diaper when you pooped yourself and I was so scared, grossed out and crying, I had to call my mom because I didn’t know what to do. You were a beautiful life lesson, who taught me patiences, we’ve been through a lot in situations where I had to man up and just hold back my tears because I just didn’t want to make you scared in situations but you’ve also seen me cry at moments where I’ve completely broken down. I always promise to protect you beautiful. I promise to always help you whenever I can. I know I can be strict at times but it’s because I love you and I want what’s best for you. I want you to succeed in life I want you to not have to struggle like the ways I did. I want you to be the happiest person you can be. I love you Kelly and enjoy your beautiful day. In Spanish speaking countries turning 15 years old is an important day of their lives because it signifies coming of age. I always get so emotional thinking about how fast you’ve grown because you’re becoming a beautiful young lady but to me you’ll always be my little girl. Once again I love you and Happy Birthday Beautiful.

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