Today I’m going on a date and I’m not looking forward to it. I asked this girl to go on a date with me when I was drunk and normally I would just be like I’m busy but she’s a family friend so I don’t want to come across as rude. We started texting and honestly I’m just not into her. I just found her attractive. Anyways she’s very pushy and clingy (for example she wants to sleep over but she invited herself over and I just find it odd like why do you need to sleep over? She’s slept over before but I never spoke to her before so I feel like my mom would find this strange that she’s sleeping over when I just started talking to her and then she tells me she’s coming over for Christmas which is cool and all but we don’t really talk like that and I don’t really want to talk like that so I’m trying to hang out with someone on Christmas so I won’t be home lol I’m such a butt), anyways this is a trait that I don’t want in a girl. Plus I just realized that I don’t want a girlfriend. Ever since I started going to the gym (I joined a gym by the way guys) I just don’t have much time for anything. I work then go to the gym shower, I have to eat right after because I’m bulking and I take it very seriously so I just don’t want to add another person in my life right now, the only free time I have are the weekends and the weekends for me are like relaxation days where I don’t really want to do much just lay in bed and play video games. So I’m just going to try to be honest with her and tell her I’m not looking for a relationship right now. The more I’ve been working out the more women have been complimenting me or just checking me out and I haven’t had this type of attention in a long time but I just have to remember to stay focus and have self discipline, my goal is to get to 185 by February I’m almost at 170 right now so I think I can do it. I want to do this for me because I’ve always been small but now I want to be muscular. I’ve been putting in a lot of hard work at the gym and people are already noticing changes so that makes me happy but I gotta continue to work hard. Remember hard work pays off so no distractions!

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