Sliding into DM’s

Sliding into DMs is a lot harder than I thought. To everyone who doesn’t know what sliding into Dms is, well it’s when you direct message the person on social media (usually in a flirtatious/romantic way). So there’s this girl who I found attractive and I just decided to follow them, not knowing my outcome and just hoping for the best, she actually followed me back. Some random stranger I don’t know. I’m at the point where I want to message her but I don’t know how to approach the situation because I’ve actually never done this before, I’m definitely thinking too much into this but I just know a simple hey won’t cut it. Hey doesn’t capture the essence of the remarkable human being that I am. The older I get, the more I want people to see the artistic side of me, like hey this is a funky individual. So now I’m pondering what’s the perfect way of showing that in a few words to make a good first impression, for her to respond. Well that’s all for now I’ll keep you updated in this saga of sliding into the DMs, keep it real everyone and Merry Christmas.

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