DMs part 2

So I slid in the girl’s DMs and she responded then I responded of course and then she left me on seen, it’s all good though, I’m just really proud of myself because I had the courage to do that. I’ve been taking rejection like a champ lately just taking them as lessons, I’m no longer afraid of rejection like it’s cool just being able to talk to people without fear, like 3 weeks ago I went to this place called maru in the city and I went up to a girl for the first time and got two free shots and her instagram so that was really cool. I just kind of love talking to people, I think that’s what I love the most about being single, I’m able to do whatever I want, but there is a time where I do want to settle down and I think that’s why I’m putting myself out there more especially since I haven’t been on tinder or any other dating apps since maybe like July maybe even longer than that. I like this real life thing, just facing fears becoming more confident. I live in the moment and I love myself for it. Well I’ll continue to be confident and work hard, so everyone out there, don’t be afraid to enjoy life! Love ya!

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