The V word.

Yes the V word, the V word that most people are scared of. Yup you guessed it, Vegan. I recently watched an amazing documentary about athletes going vegan called “The Game Changers” and honestly it’s probably the best vegan documentary I’ve watched so far, I’ve seen a few, like forks over knifes, what the health and none of them made me want to go vegan to be honest. A lot of previous documentaries about going vegan that I’ve watched before definitely emphasize animal cruelty and yeah that’s a great reason to be vegan but that’s not mine, that was never something I was really passionate about, a lot of them also mention climate change, which both are very important but like the rest of American who eat meat they don’t really care unfortunately but the game changers emphasize so many different things that I really cared about like getting stronger and just faster recovery things of that nature. I feel very confident in myself that I can do this now, I’m a lot more discipline now. More serious about accomplishing my goals. So I bought one of those food delivery services, I did hello fresh and I did the veggies options a lot of recipes are vegetarian actually. At first I was like “fuck they tricked me” and then I thought to myself like wait this can be a good thing, a lot of the recipes just have cheese or something stupid that I can just not add to the dish or it needs butter but I can just buy vegan butter at target then a light bulb idea came to my mind, I thought wait how am I just going to change my diet straight to vegan? I should ease my way into it, so if I do mess up its okay because it’s not meat. I’ve never been a fan of diary to begin with though, so I think it will be easier for me to transition. I’m actually making some of my friends change their diet too. It’s cool how much an impact you can have on a person through knowledge. So I’ve been listening to a vegan podcast called how to vegan and it’s very informative, a lot of tips on how to become vegan and just how not to stop being vegan once you begin. I have a lot of knowledge about this and I think this was just something I lacked when I was younger when I went vegetarian for a week, like I lost 10 pounds and I definitely wasn’t getting the proper nutrition I needed for my body to maintain weight. Like the how to vegan podcast taught me how much protein I need for my body weight. I weigh 168.6 pounds you times that by .36 and I need 60.69 grams of protein a day. It’s not that crazy of an amount of protein so I think need a lot of calories if I’m going to maintain/continue to bulk up my weight. This is an exciting journey for me and I can’t wait to see what challenges await for me. For any men who want to be vegan, here are my reasons below.

So why do I want to be vegan? Well good question here’s my list why I want to be vegan

  • I want to get stronger
  • Clearer skin
  • Sex (“bigger” (the girth of penis increases) & you last longer in bed & more erections)
  • healthier lifestyle
  • Extra Energy
  • Learn how to cook (I refuse to touch uncooked meat & I’ve only done it once and it was for my momma’s birthday last year)
  • I want to feel good (I’ve bulked up and I’m happy I did but it’s from unhealthy foods)
  • The food is actually really tasty plus I always feel better when I eat vegan

If these quick facts didn’t convince you then please check out “the game changers” it’s going to change the way you view nutrition! Anyways everyone have a beautiful day, stay awesome!!!!

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