Tomorrow is my first day being fully vegan!

I know what I said in my last post about easing my way into it but let me tell you, listening to the “how to vegan” podcast for like 6 hours straight for 3 days will definitely make you want to be vegan. it’s funny because when I wrote my last post I meant to say plant based diet not vegan, because like I said I wasn’t doing it for the animals it was more for my own sake and to get stronger at the gym, but the more Kristen Pound spoke in her podcast like about reusable water bottles and etc, I thought to myself like I already do this type of stuff like why not be a full vegan, like the shit they do to animals is just tragic, cows/chicken specifically in this scenario, so cows are basically raped for milk and I’m definitely not okay with that, rape for women or animals I don’t care what species you are that’s fucked up. If you’re a boy baby cow on a milk farm, you get taken away from your momma and get put in a metal cage (since you can’t produce milk) that’s barely bigger than the baby cow, they do this so the baby cow’s muscles don’t get too “strong” so their meat doesn’t get too “tough” so they can kill them for veal, which is fucked up by the way! Imagine your son being taken away from you at birth so they can get killed. Now let me tell you about baby chicks they basically do the same thing for male chicks since they can’t lay eggs. They get killed immediately, grinded up to become chicken nuggets. Personally I loved chicken nuggets but one time in the summer I got really high and ate a bunch of chicken nuggets and threw them up and haven’t had them since. I don’t know what power possessed over me but today I cooked two vegan meal plans even though it’s a Wednesday, like I just had enough with. I’m sorry I usually don’t write about this stuff but I feel like more people should be vegan like I’m trying so hard to convince my friends without being pushy and trying to educate them. I just want to make an impact on this world whether it be big or small, at least I tried to make a difference.

So what did I make? Well first off I just wanted to say that I found my new favorite super market like I’m in love honestly, it’s called Lidl I think it’s a German supermarket, anyways I bought 32 items for 54 dollars and to me that’s impressive because for me to make tofu scramble, I usually get my ingredients from target and I spend a lot more for just one meal alone anyways, I made tofu scramble actually haha so that’s my breakfast I have a whole avocado some strawberries and a banana oh and a tortilla so I can make a breakfast burrito!, I’m thinking about making a peanut butter sandwich as well on top of that. Lunch I made a one pot pasta! With spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes, I have carrots and pretzels with hummus! A banana, a peanut butter sandwich, a mix of nuts like cashews almonds peanut and last but not least gushers!!!!! I actually made my New Years resolution to eat more gushers and I was so upset that I was going to have to give that up to be vegan but I immediately googled if gushers are vegan and they are! So I got gushers! I’m super excited to be honest to eat healthier because that makes me happy. I also got a new lunchbox! I’ve never had one before so I’m excited! Here are some pictures of what I made

The lunch box I bought, I have a carhartt store by me so I actually went to go get it today lmao
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