How’d my first day go?

My biggest fear today about switching my diet to vegan was about not eating enough food and not getting the nutrients I needed, but let me tell you, today I was FULL. I had more than enough food today and I was full, so I feel like I can do this even more now. For dinner I went to a place called fuel cafe in Hicksville because my friends wanted to hang out and I was like hey guys if we do get food can we go to a place with vegan options and they were like sure, so we went to fuel cafe and we all got the vegan chili!!! They had a vegan meal with me. I’m slowly making an impact on them and that makes me happy really. It makes me a little emotional because I didn’t think they would be supportive like this and I feel like I’m making a difference even though it’s small. I’m glad I’m doing this and I want to continue doing this. I’ll let everyone know how it goes longer into my vegan journey. But thank you everyone who reads this! Have a marvelous day!

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