He’s vegan…

This weekend was pretty rough for me to be honest, not because I didn’t know what to eat or didn’t have anything to eat but because everyone was really annoying about me being vegan. I had my first sleep over as a vegan this weekend, I didn’t lack food (might have lacked water but oh well) nor was I hungry but it’s annoying for my friends constantly saying he’s vegan like it bothered me. Like to people I didn’t know, it’s not a big deal and I feel like they made it a bigger deal than it should have. It’s weird because my guy friends were more normal about it than my female friends. Like my guys friends were more just normal about me doing this and they even wanted to go eat a vegan meal with me then my female friends just kept naming things I couldn’t eat to strangers and then strangers would be like man I could never be vegan, I’d miss this, I’d miss that, okay I get that but I don’t miss meat for the taste, I only miss meat for the convenience. It’s for the ethical reasons why I do this. In this world we shouldn’t be selfish, we can get our nutrients from plant based foods, like cows, pigs, or whatever fucking animal you like to eat all get their protein from plants, so you won’t lack protein and in fact we should be loving and compassionate towards animals and I know it’s hard to change a certain lifestyle you’re used to living but you’re not doing it. I am. I’m going to continue to do it because I care. No one ever asked me why I decided to this, just why can’t you have eggs, why can’t you have honey, but you won’t get sick if you have this. I know I won’t get sick, that’s not the reason for me, no just because I just became vegan, I’m not going to cheat, and I know I have to be patient, I know I’m just going to have to inform people who lack the knowledge about this topic but it was just overwhelming for me, all hitting me at once, it was like I was crossing the street and a big ass fucking bus hit me, to be honest I feel like ever since I switched my diet I’ve been really sensitive/emotional lately and I don’t like to deal with things but I’m just doing my best and continue to do my best. I’m not a perfect human being but I rather be this imperfect vegan who made an effort to save the animals and the environment. Like it’s more than just a diet. It’s really a life style like little things the use of, straws, bags, water when brushing your teeth. Like it’s more than a diet and I wish people understood that. With that being said I don’t like ordering out for food now, I like my own cooking, my own snacks. Like I got vegan empanadas and they weren’t that good tbh but my roasted sweet potatoes with rice and black beans with sautéed spinach was a lot more delicious and process foods just don’t agree with my stomach like that (I fucking shat my brains out this weekend it was so embarrassing the amount of gas that came out my booty cheeks(I was constipated the first two days I when switched my diet)), so I think I’ll just continue to cook more and meal prep like I’ve been doing rather than ordering out. I used to love to cook, even if it was just stirring a bowl or just watching and washing the dishes because I think being in the kitchen with your loved one is fucking romantic as hell, I think it’s fun, it’s just delicious and I think food can bring people together for sure, I stopped cooking or trying to cook for a while, so for me to pick that back up again, it just makes me happy. Just do whatever makes you happy and try to ignore the haters. I love you all! Have a nice night or day!

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