My horoscope told me to

My horoscope told me to write something then read it out loud to someone but I’m just so exhausted and tired, I don’t want to talk to humans so instead I’m going to post it here.

To love you, to love you not
So afraid to break your heart
But you might tear mine apart
My fears may leave me in tears
But in my dreams you still appear
Sometimes I wish you were near
Your voice I wish I could hear
But I can’t, so I’ll grab me a beer
So much pain for things I can’t change
Things I can’t rearrange
Young passionate heart,
So please hear my words it’s my art
I don’t want to break your heart.
When I close my eyes it’s dark
Imagining what it would be to just feel a spark
Afraid of love because I don’t want you to own me
Yet you’re the only one who’s really known me.
Please don’t break my heart.

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