What a week

I had the most stressful and mentally draining week, Monday I was basically in charge at my job since my manager went to Vegas for a week, I had this under control, like I was confident about how to do everything that my manager does, then all hell breaks loose, my managers boss calls me saying we’re moving location, I told him like hey it’s Monday that’s our busiest day of the week like we shouldn’t really be doing this drastic change today but he didn’t listen to me. So I had to race against the clock on Monday to finish my work so I can pack my computer and stuff to the new location, anyways Tuesday comes along and we don’t have our products to ship out so many orders didn’t get to go out and a lot of them had to get canceled and that’s where I start messing up and stressing more throughout the week because it took extremely long to get our inventory to the new place anyways Friday comes along and I put my two weeks in. Friday night made my weekend though I went on a date with a girl, I met at the club last weekend. Let me tell you, she is AMAZING, she’s just so funny, she’s done everything I’ve always wanted to do in life but I’ve always been too scared to try (so maybe she’ll be good for me, get me out of my comfort zone), like her personality is just so dope, so that was a good start to my weekend. Saturday I went snowboarding with my friends, Alex and Laura which was fun! At first I was a bit upset to be honest because we got to the place and they were playing Fortnite and I just really wanted to get started. Laura got lost for a little bit because she was just playing Fortnite on her phone so I was just like “come on, seriously?”, getting annoyed like we didn’t come all this way to play Fortnite, then she yelled at me because we couldn’t find the snowboarding place and my face just turns confused like why are you yelling right now. Instead of being mad and making a situation worse though, I decided to ask her what’s wrong, she was hangry (hungry and angry) but I calmed her down, found the place and we started snowboarding! Everyone was happy, so the start was rocky but the ending was great! Just like my week! So just remember that you gotta push through it the next moment maybe better than the last. Always put your best foot forward and keep moving forward! By the way I didn’t put my two weeks at my job because it was stressful, I have a new job line up in the city so I’m excited! So don’t quit your job because it sucks unless you have another job haha, I’ve quit my job before because I hated it before and didn’t work for a month and it sucked so please don’t do that. Anyways, please enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! Go do something adventurous!

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