1 month being Vegan!!!

Today marks my one month of being vegan and let me tell you! I feel absolutely the same haha, but I do feel better about myself, how I’m not killing animals and reducing my carbon footprint. Have I lost weight going vegan? as a matter of fact no! I gained a pound so I’m at 170 now and my beer belly is going away! So it’s a good thing, I’m gaining weight without looking fat. Steven is it hard to be vegan? Yes and no, I meal prep for the week so I don’t really struggle with it to be honest, week 3 I was so stressed out that I couldn’t really cook so I had a lot of chipotle that week which isn’t terrible, but I prefer my cooking to be honest. Lots of Whole Foods and not processed crap make my tummy happy. Looking at ingredients just becomes a second nature like you don’t really think about it you kind of just do it. It’s cool and I want to continue, body definitely feels like a machine now. Stronger and just healthier. Stay cool like a cucumber everyone!

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