Weirdness/Valentine’s Day

So last week there was 2 to 3 days where my little sister told me that she has heard me saying my ex’s name in my sleep. Which to be honest I find extremely weird since I don’t think about her like that, anyways I decided to google it because google has all my answers that I’m looking for. This is what I found

This is the answer I found that I feel like makes the most sense at the moment.

I started dating this girl named Natalie (not official like boyfriend and girlfriend just hanging out and vibing with one another) and I think she’s super cool, I like her vibe, she’s just a super amazing girl, so I’m very interested in getting to know her better but I’m actually going on another date but with someone else as well her name is Gladis and she seems super cool, I don’t really know her to be honest with you guys, she kind of slid into my DMs (direct messages) on Twitter and she was just very fascinated by the fact that I was vegan, she seemed really sweet and she asked me out, I said yes because I just want to keep my options open before settling down again. There is also Laura who is my best friend so there’s a few girls in the mix right now but I just want to see who I really connect with. They’re all beautiful girls but there’s more to a person than just looks for me, I love picking at people’s brains and getting to know them, so I’m excited to just form a bond with them. I’m attracted to intelligences, creativity, and just cool, dope, rad, groovy personalities, I like different. So I can’t wait to just get to know these ladies more and see where it goes.

Valentine’s Day I feel like everyone is a little extra sad this year for not having a date except for me. This Valentine’s Day I decided to get gifts for my mom and my little sister because honestly I love them so much, like as a little boy my mom was my first crush, I thought she was the most beautiful person in the world and she probably doesn’t remember how much of a mom’s boy I was growing up (or maybe she does but doesn’t bring it up who knows) but I was a big one haha and my little sister man, me and her just have the closest bond ever now and I just wanted to get her something small so she knows how a guy is suppose to treat a lady. I think I got outdone this year though. Her boyfriend did great tho! So I approve. I do love love, I love small gestures and I think it’s important that people know that they’re loved even if they have a significant other. Spoil them! Family is so important so cherish every moment you have with them! Well I love you all that’s all from me today keep it real everyone!

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