No matter how many times I kneel
I still have so many feelings that I never know how I actually feel
If I could have any super power it would be the power to forget
Just forget and feel no regret
The past will forever be my past
I’m here, I’m living, but am I meant to last?
My life can be so amazing at one point then out of the blue
I can’t help it. I think of you.
All the pain,
All of it, it just drives me insane
I still haven’t figured out how to get you out my brain
Just believe me. I’m not lying.
I’ve been trying
But why do I feel so lost
I have a plan
I know who I am
So why do I still feel like this,
I’m still searching for my bliss
No matter who I’ve kissed
I just end up pissed
Because I still feel all my emotions
This is my peace of mind so please drown me in a ocean
In water I at least feel relax
So I close my eyes and all I see is black.

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