I’m in debt to you beyond words
But sometimes I think my heart will always be in two thirds
I know it’s not your fault
Our loving just needed to halt
So I hid my feelings in a vault
I’m forever afraid to open up
I think it’s crazy because all it took was one break up
That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the lessons you taught
I love myself because I know I stayed and fought.
You loved me like no one has ever done before
I think that’s why I always craved more
I’m so lucky to have experienced a love like yours
What a beautiful chapter, but it’s time to close doors
Not everyday you’ll get to be lovers and best friends
Spending time with someone until time ends
Even though you’re no longer here
You’re no longer a fear
Since then I was able to mature
Yeah, somedays I felt insecure
But I was able to get past that
Now my heart is flexible like an acrobat
Now I’m looking for Polaris maybe it’s Paris
My North Star I know you’re not far
I just know I have to find my way because where I’m at I just know I can’t stay.

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