No Shave November!

So my no shave November is going well, my beard looks disgusting but that’s okay. I also decided not to get a haircut for the month of November as well and to be honest I was feeling ugly until yesterday, for the past year and a half now, I have been getting a haircut every [...]


Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I had lots of fun doing the simplest things, I went to Caumsett. Caumsett is this state park that I’m absolutely in love with, I’ve been there so many times this summer and I got to experience it for the first time yesterday in the fall and it was absolutely gorgeous. The color, the [...]

Feelings 11.10.19

Somedays I just want to talk to you. Not romantically but just as friends and we’d talk about our lives and just our families, just be there for each other. I know this isn’t possible I’ve made a few big mistakes in the past but honestly, Lately I’ve been missing you and I think it [...]


I feel like I’ve been extremely busy lately, I don’t like it. I enjoy having nothing to do after work. I love hanging out with people but I always need to recharge my social battery after a bit and I’m hoping after Saturday I can just relax for a bit. This year for no shave [...]


Things I love. I love clothes I love fruit I love playing soccer I love traveling I love being outdoors I love my friends I love taking pictures I love colognes I love getting haircuts I love my face to be honest lol I love music I love the feeling I get after eating something [...]


Yesterday was one of my best friend’s birthday and I surprised her by bringing her best friend from the city. I think I did good, I took my friend out to a Thai restaurant in Williston park, it was really good. My goal was to make her feel important! She’s a very special person I [...]


Things I hate. I hate corn on a cob because of its smell I hate watermelon because I hate of its seeds and texture I hate how taco bell got rid of their green sauce it wasn’t spicy or anything I just liked it’s weird taste I hate my anxiety I hate my depression I [...]