Yesterday was one of my best friend’s birthday and I surprised her by bringing her best friend from the city. I think I did good, I took my friend out to a Thai restaurant in Williston park, it was really good. My goal was to make her feel important! She’s a very special person I [...]


Things I hate. I hate corn on a cob because of its smell I hate watermelon because I hate of its seeds and texture I hate how taco bell got rid of their green sauce it wasn’t spicy or anything I just liked it’s weird taste I hate my anxiety I hate my depression I [...]


My type of women! So everyone has a type, my type just happens to be white girls. More specifically, blonde hair and blue eyes like I’m a sucker for that. I tend to get made fun of for that. I don’t think my mom likes it either but she’s over it, she knows I have [...]


Yesterday I got a new tattoo. First let me say this tattoo hurt the most. It was extremely painful compared to my other tattoos. But I like how it came out, it’s a pretty piece and I love that I got. So let me show you guys then I’ll explain to everyone what it means [...]


The Love I Gave Through fake smiles and a heart break I still crave love You were my dream You were my queen Everything was good as it could be Or as it seemed But the love I gave I just couldn’t behave I’ll never be the same It’s a shame How it’ll forever be [...]


So today I’d like to be talking about my skin! My New Years resolution was to take care of my skin better because my skin broke out too much and I just didn’t like how I looked. It’s been a long struggle and journey but I think I found what works best for me. So [...]


Convincing yourself you’re happy So happiness, I hope everyone is happy or at least found something that makes them happy. For me it’s going hiking, exploring, spending time with friends but what makes me really happy is laying in bed and watching Netflix because sometimes I just need to recharge my social batteries, I hate [...]