Pinus Cembra

Because with you all I needed was a picnic blanket, sitting down crisscross applesauce in the woods while the wind blows through my hair and the sun kisses my skin, listening to you tell me, “that’s an American sycamore not a Fraxinus Americana” like if I knew the differences between trees. A simple day in the woods does not feel like a day in the woods, it feels like fireworks in the city because in reality I’m just not you and you’re not me. We’re opposite who just happened to attract. We are opposite who found beauty in one another. I need to tell you. For the first time, I saw this tree and it didn’t remind me of you. It reminded me of me. A beautiful Pinus Cembra which is also know as a swiss pine. Finally, something that doesn’t remind me of the days you were mine. Finally, I can start living for me. Finally, I’m free. Finally. Goodbye tree. Thank you for setting me free.


April’s Real Fool

No one thinks about the jester
But the jester thinks about you
I have to keep you entertained
I mean you’re the queen living in the castle
And I’m the man without a home
I still wonder when you’ll let me in
All those knights, yet I’m still stupid enough to put up a fight
All those nights, I’m still acting like a fool
But you’re the queen and I’m your tool
On some days, even me the jester wants the queen

My Beautiful Trip to Munich, Germany

So, I’m back from Munich. Wow what an amazing experience. There was so much beauty, history and just amazingness in one city. I’m really glad I got to go but now I’m really upset coming back home because to be honest I don’t love living in New York, shocking I know.

My first day in Munich was actually really bad and it was one of the worst days I’ve experienced in a while. I did not sleep on my 8-hour overnight flight and When I arrived in Germany, TSA held me up for a while like everyone on my plane was behind me in a line and they all went through before I was done but they finally let me in. It was about 7am and my hotel check in time was at 1pm so I waited at the airport until it was time for me to go to the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel, I said to myself finally I can take a nap. Guess what I couldn’t. The receptionist said my room wasn’t ready. I waited almost 3 hours until my room was ready. I finally was able to sleep but after that day I had one of the best experiences of my life that I had in a while. People kept asking me before I left why are you going to Germany, honestly it was just because my favorite soccer team plays there so it was something I wanted to do.

So, I went to their stadium to do a tour. Bayern Munich (the soccer team) also had an awesome museum at their stadium so I got to see that as well.

I also did a lot of learning while in Munich, especially about King Ludwig II of Bavaria because I went to go see Neuschwanstein Castle (a castle Ludwig did not complete before his strange death). This castle is gorgeous and near the Bavarian Alps, so the views are just incredible. There were so many places that I was not allowed to take photos of that I wish I was able to. For that reason I just recommend people to go to Munich. I fell with this city and I wish I could live there. Now being home it makes me jealous that people really think that New York is the best place to live or they get excited to come here but for me, I just wish I could get out of here.

I’m glad I got to go to Germany and just simply had an experience of life time and I can not wait to go on more adventures again, but Germany will definitely be a place I’d travel to again.

I'm hoping you're missing the smell of my T-shirt
would you believe that my heart still hurts 
You use to wear my clothes 
Now I loathe 
confused on why you want to be alone 
hoping you'd call my phone. 
our future maybe unknown 
oh how much you've grown
my love I've shown
if only I could clone the throne I put you on 


Tonight/About me.

I’m going to sleep tonight with so many thoughts running through my head,
wishing you were here laying on my bed
and I cant even say that I’m upset
and we’re just getting older baby
I’m running out of time to make you my lady
I guess this what dreams were made for right?,
I’m chasing someone who doesn’t want me.
It’s been turning into a nightmare lately
something that truly haunts me
because I feel like you taunt me
But not everything is about me. 

Poem #120

I love this


You are going to have to have patience with me.
I am used to relationships failing miserably.
Since I was a kid love was the feeling ending in
punishment, pain is all I expect from it.
If you think it’s hard to read this, imagine how hard
it is to live it. I should tell you that I’ll try to run like
I always do but for once, this time I hope I’ll be stopped.
I hope you read that well between the lines.

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