April’s Real Fool

No one thinks about the jester But the jester thinks about youI have to keep you entertained I mean you're the queen living in the castleAnd I'm the man without a homeI still wonder when you'll let me in All those knights, yet I'm still stupid enough to put up a fight All those nights, [...]

I'm hoping you're missing the smell of my T-shirtwould you believe that my heart still hurts You use to wear my clothes Now I loathe confused on why you want to be alone hoping you'd call my phone. our future maybe unknown oh how much you've grownmy love I've shownif only I could clone the throne I put you on  

Tonight/About me.

I'm going to sleep tonight with so many thoughts running through my head, wishing you were here laying on my bed and I cant even say that I'm upset and we're just getting older baby I'm running out of time to make you my lady I guess this what dreams were made for right?, I'm [...]

Poem #120

I love this


You are going to have to have patience with me.
I am used to relationships failing miserably.
Since I was a kid love was the feeling ending in
punishment, pain is all I expect from it.
If you think it’s hard to read this, imagine how hard
it is to live it. I should tell you that I’ll try to run like
I always do but for once, this time I hope I’ll be stopped.
I hope you read that well between the lines.

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This post is not really meant for my followers but to my ex (don’t worry I’m posting something tomorrow) , only reason why this is specifically meant for her is because I know you stalk my social media and blog the main reason I know this is because you called me randomly one day and [...]