So I’ve been struggling writing a poem in my drafts for the longest, like I have these feelings and I can’t really put them into words for some reason, like I’ve had a crush on the same person since August and usually my feelings for them fades away and I try not to like them, like I ignore my feelings for them but ever since this one night my feelings for them like haven’t left and it’s just weird. I haven’t had a crush on anyone in over a year so I don’t know how to feel. Life is definitely … Continue reading 12/23/19


Today I’m going on a date and I’m not looking forward to it. I asked this girl to go on a date with me when I was drunk and normally I would just be like I’m busy but she’s a family friend so I don’t want to come across as rude. We started texting and honestly I’m just not into her. I just found her attractive. Anyways she’s very pushy and clingy (for example she wants to sleep over but she invited herself over and I just find it odd like why do you need to sleep over? She’s slept … Continue reading Annoyed.

No Shave November!

So my no shave November is going well, my beard looks disgusting but that’s okay. I also decided not to get a haircut for the month of November as well and to be honest I was feeling ugly until yesterday, for the past year and a half now, I have been getting a haircut every two weeks, so when I don’t have a clean cut hair with a clean beard I do start to feel insecure but yesterday I looked at my hair and thought wow my hair is getting long, I want to say it’s about 4 to 6 … Continue reading No Shave November!

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I had lots of fun doing the simplest things, I went to Caumsett. Caumsett is this state park that I’m absolutely in love with, I’ve been there so many times this summer and I got to experience it for the first time yesterday in the fall and it was absolutely gorgeous. The color, the smell, just being outside even though it was cold and windy out. I’m glad I did it. Yesterday was more fun than usual because my friend Jef and I, flew a kite. I’ve actually never successfully flown a kite before until yesterday and it was … Continue reading Simple Pleasures

Feelings 11.10.19

Somedays I just want to talk to you. Not romantically but just as friends and we’d talk about our lives and just our families, just be there for each other. I know this isn’t possible I’ve made a few big mistakes in the past but honestly, Lately I’ve been missing you and I think it might be because my family is on vacation and I just feel alone and trapped inside my own home. Days like this are the one’s where I feel like I’m not good enough for anyone. I’m the best version of myself and I feel like … Continue reading Feelings 11.10.19


I feel like I’ve been extremely busy lately, I don’t like it. I enjoy having nothing to do after work. I love hanging out with people but I always need to recharge my social battery after a bit and I’m hoping after Saturday I can just relax for a bit. This year for no shave November I would like to participate but I also don’t want to get a haircut for the whole month, so I’m going to be looking a little rough unfortunately, I haven’t gone a month with no haircut in so long. I like to get a … Continue reading 15/23


Things I love. I love clothes I love fruit I love playing soccer I love traveling I love being outdoors I love my friends I love taking pictures I love colognes I love getting haircuts I love my face to be honest lol I love music I love the feeling I get after eating something healthy lol I love lemonade (I try not to drink it too much) I love Munich (I wish I could live there) I love tattoos I love love I love small kisses on the cheek (they make me smile) I love it when no one … Continue reading 14/23