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How would people describe you? When people name positive traits about my favorite one to hear is “adventurous” I think it’s because I hate being bored. Nothing I do is really planned it’s just like Nike’s slogan “just do it”. I also think this is a negative trait about me. I think it’s the reason [...]


1 out of 23

So today is October 9th and it's Yom Kippur how exciting right? Well today starts off my 23 days straight of blog post. To being let's write about how happy I am. I'm so excited for the weekend like you don't understand. Friday I'm doing float therapy, I've never done it before so I'm itching [...]

Almost a year.

So my blog will be turning one years old very soon and I'll be turning 23 very soon as well, so I decided that I will write a blog post everyday for 23 days straight starting on Yom Kippur (October 9th) until the 31st, because November 1st is actually when I began writing my blog. [...]

My Best Friend.

Friends come in many shapes and sizes luckily for me, mine is my dog. His name is El Boy. My dog is very unique he's a husky/pitbull mix and he's gorgeous. He's playful, loving, caring and just a sweetheart. He's the most loyal person I know, yesterday my stepdad told me about my dog's visit [...]

Vegan Ice Cream

So I used to buy a lot of vegan cherry Garcia ice cream but I realized I haven't eaten ice cream in a long time. I eat vegan ice cream not because I'm a vegan but dairy causes skin to break out, anyways yeah I know I should go vegan but lately I've been eating [...]

Flipping the script.

The way life works out is always weird, it's a unique experience never the less, especially when you notice your growth and maturity. Anyways I have friends that have been going through terrible break ups and I've been the person to try to swoop in and to try to help them through it. I've been [...]

Nights on Long Island

Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- I don’t know what I’m doing Like what goals am I pursuing? Should I stay or should I go? This is the only place I know Another night on Long Island Nights feel so long and- Another night without you Is like another night without [...]