For You/Me

Tell me what you’re looking for Were you expecting more? Was I expecting her? For you. Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel emotions It’s the reason why I lose focus. It’s crazy how we deal with pain Thinking we’re never going to be the same For you. I lost everything so I have everything to [...]



I just hate feeling sad when there's no reason behind it. I wanted to tweet this but I just don't want anyone to know. But I hate feeling this way, it sucks and I have this gut feel like I'm just going to lose someone in my life and idk who but I'm anxious. Yesterday [...]

Flaws of Tinder

I guess I really never thought about it before but tinder is not where I'm going to find a girlfriend. First flaw I noticed about tinder is the type of people I see, these women aren't looking to settle down but to have some "fun" which isn't bad but it's not what I'm looking for. [...]

Gone Girl 😢

I can't believe how upset I am about this girl I barely knew, well I will cope the only way I know how, listening to sad songs while high. Here's a playlist I made if people want a sad boy playlist. The first song I feel like described the relationship perfectly by the way so [...]


This is a term I like to use loosely because in reality dating scares the shit out of me, so I haven't been on a date since November and Tuesday (which is tomorrow) will make it the second girl I will be going on a date with since my ex. The first girl was actually [...]