Today I shall write about whatever I want and I feel like writing about photography, I love taking pictures they make me feel happy especially when I take a photo and I edit it nicely, and lately I think I’ve been getting really good at it. I don’t go out of my way to take [...]


So I forgot to post yesterday, I was too busy recovering from my weekend. So sorry about that. Here is my post and I might post again later today or maybe twice a day on a future date to make up for my not posting on Sunday we’ll see. Grieve Everyone grieves, some people grieve [...]


I am drunk I still want to write tho One of my best friends alex gave me the best birthday presents ever and I love her. I love small sentimental things and she's just the sweetest. I love my friends especially Alex and Laura they just make me so happy and I'm glad I got [...]


My Birthday Today I'm one year older. The big 23, my Jordan year I'm excited to see what this year brings me, I'm expecting big things. I'm expecting me to work my ass off but in a good way, to achieve all my goals and I can't wait. A couple of weeks ago my friend [...]

2 of 23

How would people describe you? When people name positive traits about my favorite one to hear is “adventurous” I think it’s because I hate being bored. Nothing I do is really planned it’s just like Nike’s slogan “just do it”. I also think this is a negative trait about me. I think it’s the reason [...]

1 out of 23

So today is October 9th and it's Yom Kippur how exciting right? Well today starts off my 23 days straight of blog post. To being let's write about how happy I am. I'm so excited for the weekend like you don't understand. Friday I'm doing float therapy, I've never done it before so I'm itching [...]

Almost a year.

So my blog will be turning one years old very soon and I'll be turning 23 very soon as well, so I decided that I will write a blog post everyday for 23 days straight starting on Yom Kippur (October 9th) until the 31st, because November 1st is actually when I began writing my blog. [...]