DMs part 2

So I slid in the girl’s DMs and she responded then I responded of course and then she left me on seen, it’s all good though, I’m just really proud of myself because I had the courage to do that. I’ve been taking rejection like a champ lately just taking them as lessons, I’m no [...]

Sliding into DM’s

Sliding into DMs is a lot harder than I thought. To everyone who doesn’t know what sliding into Dms is, well it’s when you direct message the person on social media (usually in a flirtatious/romantic way). So there’s this girl who I found attractive and I just decided to follow them, not knowing my outcome [...]


So I’ve been struggling writing a poem in my drafts for the longest, like I have these feelings and I can’t really put them into words for some reason, like I’ve had a crush on the same person since August and usually my feelings for them fades away and I try not to like them, [...]

Life December 11th

Well I have a lot of thoughts in my head today so I figured why not just write them and hopefully I’ll feel better, well I keep thinking about the girl I went on a date with the other day and how she was the sweetest person I’ve met in the longest time. Meeting her [...]


Today I’m going on a date and I’m not looking forward to it. I asked this girl to go on a date with me when I was drunk and normally I would just be like I’m busy but she’s a family friend so I don’t want to come across as rude. We started texting and [...]

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to the person who annoys me the most. Happy Birthday to the person who fights with me every single day. Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister. Not only have you become one of my best friends but you’ve basically became my daughter (the main and only reason why I don’t want kids [...]

No Shave November!

So my no shave November is going well, my beard looks disgusting but that’s okay. I also decided not to get a haircut for the month of November as well and to be honest I was feeling ugly until yesterday, for the past year and a half now, I have been getting a haircut every [...]